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MDSO Corp exclusive distribution rights for commercial market in Vietnam:

  • In August, 2012, C2SAT and MDSO Corp, Viet Nam, entered into a non-exclusive distribution agreement for C2SAT products in Vietnam. Since, MDSO and C2SAT have completed a successful installation and gained additional orders.
  • In order to further strengthen the co-operation and increase the competitiveness of C2SAT’s products in Vietnam C2SAT has awarded MDSO the exclusive distribution rights for C2SAT products for the commercial market in Viet Nam.

In addition, our company also sells and rents out peripheral components, type of cable, machines, software and hardware that are required in the telecommunications field.

Satellite Communications

A full range of communication antennas to meet the demands of 24/7 mission critical operations

Constant, high-speed connectivity at sea has shifted from a desirable feature to an operational requirement. Historically, installing and operating conventional satellite communications antennas has been complicated and time consuming. Guiding philosophy is to enable a smooth, cost-effective transition to connectivity at sea for all vessel categories, which means simplified installations, easy operation, fewer service visits, and reduced spare parts inventory.

Stabilized Antenna

  • SeaTel Antenna

    Sea Tel 5012 – Ku band HIGH PERFORMANCE CONNECTIVITY Sea Tel 5012 VSAT is a fully optimised 1.2m antenna system designed to meet the demanding maritime communication needs of the 21st ...

  • C2SAT Antenna

    C2SAT KU100MIL SUPERIOR REFLECTOR SOLUTION The antenna design is of Prime Focus type and the reflector is made of carbon fibre, standard for C2SAT antennas. The RF equipment is therefore light ...

  • Intellian Antenna

    Intellian V100GX – Ku/Ka-band Intellian V100GX is a 1 meter Ku-band to Ka-band GX convertible maritime stabilized antenna, and ready-to-use system for the super-fast, Global Xpress™ (GX) ...