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Maximum Wireless Capacity

Increased throughput and reduced cost

XA-Appliances deliver the most advanced satellite and wireless optimization in easy to install appliances, assuring proper throughput at a reasonable capital cost.

For small and medium sized sites with access speeds from 400 Kbps to 16 Mbps, desktop style appliances are user installed via logical GUI templates thus minimizing impact to the operations staff. For high speed links or central aggregation sites, fully redundant appliances will optimize links with aggregate capacities from 16 Mbps to 155 Mbps, supporting thousands of simultaneous TCP sessions and dramatically increasing effective throughput to the customer.


Lowest Cost per Optimized Bit

XipLink Operating System (XipOS) is available on XA-Appliances, Virtual Machine software and single board computers using XipLink-XE soft optimizers. XipOS achieves a high rate of bandwidth efficiency by providing simultaneous optimizations including TCP acceleration, several compression mechanisms, sophisticated cache techniques, web optimizations and header reduction. To increase overall effectiveness, XipOS provides a class-based QoS mechanism and has the ability to link balance when multiple paths are present.

All XA appliances are interoperable with other XipOS implementations as well as SCPS-compliant TCP accelerators. XipLink devices work over any wireless, wireline or hybrid network including the following network technologies;

  • VSAT and Access – TDMA/SCPC/Mesh
  • Terrestrial Wireless – WiMax/Microwave/Extended WiFi
  • Cellular/LTE – 2.5G/3G/4G Interconnect and Backhaul
  • Terrestrial – Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint


XipLink Operating System (XipOS) Features:

Scalable and Flexible Architecture

  • Supported across any topology – Point-to-Point (SCPC), Star, Mesh, Hybrid
  • Supports unidirectional or one-way TCP acceleration
  • Supports One-way and Two-way optimization in the same hub units
  • Supports Fixed-rate, dynamic-rate and Enhanced mode rate-control
  • Supports mixed deployment of XipLink enabled and non-XipLink enabled nodes in the same network
  • Tunnel-less operation
  • Light Weight Tunnels where required


TCP Acceleration and Optimization

  • Standard-based SCPS-TP acceleration
  • Includes SNACK, Acknowledgment Frequency Reduction (AFR) and Fast Connection Start (T/TCP)
  • i-PEP (Sat Labs) standard compatible
  • A single TCP Session can utilize 100% of available bandwidth
  • Optimization of traffic within GRE Tunnels
  • VLAN Transparency – Support for Optimization within VLAN Traffic

Compression, HTTP Web Acceleration and Caching

  • Line-rate stream compression (Two modes)
  • One-way Compression – XHO (Image Transcoding, GZip Gateway, QoS)
  • Packet Coalescing and Header Compression – both TCP and UDP packets
  • DNS Caching and Optional Object Caching

Security and Networking

  • Integrated IPSec VPN compatible with third-party IPSec gateways
  • Integrated kernel-based firewall
  • Supports both Bridge and Router modes
  • Supports WCCP and One-Arm Installation
  • Supports Static Routing, RIP, OSPF and BGP
  • NAT Support and integrated DHCP Server

Quality of Service and IP Routing

  • Integrated Advanced QoS and DSCP marking
  • Class-based Queue – traffic classification and prioritization based on many options
  • Bandwidth Shaping with Committed Information Rate (CIR) and Maximum Information Rate (MIR)
  • Allow/Deny traffic by Queue

Redundancy and Fault Tolerance

  • Fail-to-Wire ports (available on XA-500, XA-2000, XA-4000, XA-10K and XA-30K)
  • VRRP/CARP support for high-availability and automatic failover
  • Active Resource Manager (ARM) – Maximize hardware resources for optimum performance
  • Automatic bypass on overload for continuous availability
  • Link Load Balancing with Bonding – Bond different type links as one large bandwidth

Device Management

  • Transparent Plug and Play Installation
  • Rich web-based user management interface
  • Serial console management
  • Upgrade via Web GUI (remotely upgradeable)
  • Configuration Profile Management
  • Realtime reports
  • SNMP Management
  • NetConf configuration API

Other Solutions

  • Advanced Cellular Compression
  • Ruggedized Appliance for Military Applications


Copyright @2015

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