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Ethernet over TDM

RAD has a comprehensive line of Ethernet access products for extension, demarcation and aggregation of Ethernet services over TDM networks. Because fiber is not required at many locations or available everywhere, especially for “out-of-region” customers, PDH access circuits combined with SDH/SONET transport networks are still relied on for Ethernet connectivity and backhaul. RAD’s intelligent Ethernet converters support Ethernet to E1, T1, nxE1, T1 (mid-band Ethernet), E3, T3, STM-1, OC-3, STM-4, and OC-12 links. These devices share end-to-end Quality of Service attributes and incorporate standards-based Ethernet OAM functionality, making them part of RAD’s Ether Access product suite.

The RIC is a network termination unit (NTU), delivering Fast Ethernet over full or fractional circuits. It provides a clear demarcation point between subscribers and providers networks, converting Ethernet to TDM media and extending carriers’ reach to deliver new Ethernet services over legacy PDH infrastructure. The RIC supports a single unframed/framed circuit and features a 10/100BaseT user port. Typical applications include:

Supporting Ethernet traffic delivery with standard generic framing procedure (GFP) as well as HDLC, the RIC allows easy, standard-based multi-vendor interoperability. Additionally, it enables user-defined service differentiation and per-application prioritization, with strict quality of service (QoS) mechanism according to VLAN priority bits (802.1p) and IP Precedence.


VLAN capabilities

The VLAN tagging, stacking and stripping options enable transparent user traffic delivery, keeping all user VLAN settings intact. The device can operate in VLAN-unaware or VLAN-aware modes, where its internal Fast Ethernet bridge can be configured to either filter local traffic or transparently forward all received packets.


Diagnostics and fault propagation

The RIC supports diagnostic tools for TDM and Ethernet networks, for fast isolation of network problems, saving time and costs. Remote and local loopbacks are used to isolate problems on the physical layer, while ping, traceroute and ICMP messages enable diagnostics of the Ethernet layer.

In cases of error conditions on the TDM port, a fault propagation feature disconnects the link on the Fast Ethernet port, and enables routers on both ends of the link to reroute the traffic.


Advanced management and control 

The RIC features flexible management capabilities, including local management via an ASCII terminal (RS-232). In addition, remote management can be performed either inband or out-of-band, using the network or user ports, while maintaining separation between management and user traffic via the use of VLANs. Advanced FCAPS (Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance, Security) and diagnostic tools are provided by RADview-EMS, RAD’s carrier-class element management system, via a Web browser.

The RIC also supports a variety of configuration access channels, including Telnet, SNMP, Web server, and TFTP. DHCP client support is employed to automatically obtain IP address, IP mask and default gateway, saving precious installation time.



Ethernet Converter for Multiple PDH Circuits.

RAD’s RIC-LC is a Fast Ethernet over E1 converter that provides simple, efficient and costeffective Ethernet connectivity over up to 16 bonded E1 links.

Quick specs

  • One, four, eight, or 16 E1 network interfaces.
  • Four Fast Ethernet UTP/SFP user ports.
  • GFP (G.8040), VCAT (G.7043), LCAS (G.7042).
  • VLAN-aware and VLAN-unaware bridging; VLAN stacking.
  • Four QoS levels; SP and WFQ scheduling; CIR (committed information rate) support.
  • Remote and local, inband and out-of-band management.
  • Dual in-line package (DIP) switches for activating diagnostic loopback tests.
  • TDM to Ethernet fault propagation.



  • Fast Ethernet over E1 NTU
  • RAD’s RICi-E1 Fast Ethernet over E1 network termination unit (NTU) is an Ethernet demarcation device connecting Fast Ethernet LANs over E1 circuits.
  • The RICi-E1 is deployed in point-to-point or hub-and-spoke topologies, working opposite RAD’s Egate-20 and Egate-100 Ethernet over TDM gateways. This enables carriers and service providers to extend their customer reach and utilize legacy PDH infrastructure in delivering new Ethernet services. Typical applications for RICi-E1 Fast Ethernet NTU include Ethernet access, backhauling network management traffic and connecting inter-office or enterprise LAN segments.
  • For more information, download the Data Sheet.



Fast Ethernet over T3 NTU

  • 10/100BaseT user port
  • Single E1, T1, E3, or T3 network port
  • PDH to Ethernet fault propagation and TDM loop detection
  • nteroperable with third-party devices:
  • RICi-E1/T1 supports standard GFP (ITU-T G8040) and HDLC
  • RICi-E3/T3 supports X.86 (LAPS)
  • QoS priority queues
  • Plug-and-play functionality using DHCP client
  • Remote diagnostic tools on TDM and Ethernet ports
  • Managed via SNMP, Web server or Telnet


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