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Academic paper writing software-Bright summertime School 2018 on computer Software Engineering and IS

Degree credits: 3 HEC
pattern: 3rd period.
Main field: informatics.
Position into the academic system: the program is an elective summer time college program inside the cycle that is third.
Entry needs: individuals will probably be signed up for a master’s, PhD, or PostDoc system.

Examiner: Ass. Prof Regina Hebig


The education that is scientific focusses on investigating one issue in level. Nonetheless, for the subsequent act as an unbiased researcher and for individual development it is vital in order to accept a wider viewpoint from the field that is scientific. This objective of this program is always to offer individuals with a wider viewpoint on four selected topics of Applied IT and computer computer computer software engineering, enable them to gather knowledge about providing constructive feedback on other’s research and writing, along with adopting tips and techniques off their specializations, and planning joined future research that is cross-topic. Consequently, the program makes use of theoretical lectures and practical sessions to familiarize individuals aided by the up to date and present research subjects within the after four chosen topics:

1. Computer Software Analytics
2. Computer Computer Software Protection
3. Digital Infrastructure & Design Thinking
4. Model -Driven Computer Software Developing

Making use of these four subjects, three fundamental skills that are cross-topic learn: