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MDSO. Corp, established in 2011 and headquartered in Ho Chi Minh city, supplies innovative stabilised maritime C2SAT antenna systems enabling vessels in motion on-line two-way satellite broadband communication.

MDSO Corp brings the next generation of wideband antennas that will meet the demands on performance, efficiency and cost and can use easy-to-machine and cheap materials.


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The antennas can be designed and optimized using dedicated software, based on an improved understanding of the physical principles of antennas. This allows for real time optimization of reconfigurable antennas. The antennas will be tailored and optimized for each application, with real-time dynamic optimization and polarization agility. In this way, the antenna becomes an active and dynamic component of a highly efficient internet of things or other specific applications such as radar.

Additionally, MDSO also provides telecommunications equipment and services such as installation, maintenance, repair, upgrading software, hardware.

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